What is Motionx

MotionX wants to provide more balance into the world in the field of education, work and lifestyle. These matters are fundamental for today’s modern society as they determine how we function and stand in life on a global scale.

It’s our mission to resolve current world problems with modern-day solutions and bring back harmony into your life. Take part in our journey and help us built tomorrow’s world

the Roadmap

Q1 2021:
During the first quarter the fundamentals and scope of the project are being set and worked out. While gathering more data about the market we will decide the tokenomics for our BEP20 token. This is done to ensure stability after launch. In order to attract more attention to our token we will setup out first marketing campaign.
Q1 2021:
Q2 2021:
The initial launch
The pre-sale has been finalized and the raised BNB / liquidity will be migrated to Pancakeswap V2, which will be locked for one year. After launch on Pancakeswap, the first plans of our marketing campaign will be initiated. This should result in a reach over two million in views and will help to stimulate the growth of the project in the early stage. In addition we will also apply for listings like: CoinGecko and CoinMarketcap and request our first audit.
Q2 2021:
Q3 2021:
The first step
After the initial launch is completed, Q3 will begin. The first step is a charity project that provides study supplies to students in need. These can be little things such as schoolbooks, calculators or paying salaries of teachers to even facilitating schools and libraries. Besides charity, marketing and listings will still remain the key point to focus on. The goal is to reach over 20 million in views through influencers and other collaborations.
Q3 2021:
Q4 2021:
The first building block :
As our first charity project has been launched, we'll start working on the first building block for our educational platform. The fourth quarter will map out the functional and technical aspects of the platform depending on if it’s technically feasible.
Q4 2021:

Tokenomics of MotionX token




Automatic farming


Marketing & development



Charity and development

MotionX has several activities including charity with the primary purpose of helping out less developed communities or people in need of funding. One of our first charities will focus on education to enhance education. This can be done by providing supplies such as school books, calculators or facilitate libraries and school buildings if possible or by paying the salaries of teachers. We find that education should be accessible for everyone. In this category we include access to primary, secondary and tertiary education. 

In addition to charity we also want to focus on development. By setting up an educational platform that is easy accessible and science and future oriented we want to shift the focus to the future.


The contract ID of MotionX is: 0xBAa48782F3666488168AdEa68a62CDca05b06E26

​There is a total supply of 10,000,000,000 (billion)​ MotionX tokens.

​MotionX’s taxes:
​•​2% Burn
​•​3% Automatic farming
​•​2% marketing fee
​•​3% LP-Fee

For more information please read the whitepaper.

​In order to enter the market with a decent amount of liquidity there has been organized a presale of which 95% of the raised funds is locked for one year. This will be relocked when expired  if the project succeeds its goals.

In addition to increase the liquidity every transaction incurs a tax of 3% which will be added to the liquidity pool on Pancakeswap V2.

Presale: 35%                public sale: 55%            dev-wallet: 10%

35% of the initial supply (3,500,000,000) has been allocated to the pre-sale. The pre-sale has been organized in order to enter the market with a reasonable amount of liquidity. Therefore, 95% of the raised BNB is locked for one year and will be relocked when expired if the project succeeds its goals.

55% of the initial supply has been reserved for public sale on Pancakeswap.

10% of the remaining supply has been reserved for the dev-team which can be split into three different wallets:

  • 2% share of interest wallet
  • 3% marketing wallet
  • 5% influencer wallet

The 2% share of interest can be accounted for as compensation against the time and effort that the development team of MotionX puts into the project. In order to kick-off the marketing straight after launch, 8% has been appointed to the marketing and influencer wallet to stimulate growth of the project.

MotionX is a BEP20 token on the Binance Smart Chain and therefore can be bought on Pancakeswap. 

To exchange BNB for MotionX tokens on Pancakeswap you will need to use Metamask or Trustwallet.

​The recommended slippage tolerance is between 11% – 15%.

The contract is not renounced in order to enable future migrations (e.g., Pancakeswap V3) or to apply for exchange listings.

Contract owner: 0x48d063f2eae1a375b8bdfa6c272d68cc33a4a470.
Dev-wallet: 0x674cec335848bbda78eadbb9e07c6001ea712523.